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File: 1623615186533.png–(234.25KB, 480x653, middle finger.png)
No.1 Stickied Locked  [Reply]
Enjoy your stay. More boards soon.
¨ No.2
Actually this board software doesn't support multiple boards i think. There will be no more boards
¨ No.3
I Pooped My Pants. LOL!

File: 1633539075762.png–(16.33KB, 631x501, SnP+NV.png)
No.29  [Reply]

File: 1625182927189.jpg–(55.36KB, 480x360, ad23.jpg)
No.15  [Reply]
you know
¨ No.27
fuck you BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

File: 1631823733856.gif–(210.02KB, 320x200, juggler.gif)
No.25  [Reply]
Anyone here?

File: 1627409824915.jpg–(623.69KB, 2560x1707, crack.jpg)
No.19  [Reply]
Live in the P3045WUCX34 area? Request crack here.
¨ No.20  >>21
¨ No.21
Welcome. Want some crack?

File: 1625349377343.jpg–(109.27KB, 933x608, 1621722405098.jpg)
No.18  [Reply]
>be you
wait no
>be me
>talking to this girl on tinder
>shes pretty cute
>talks about her daddy issues almost immediately but thats ok i dont judge
>talk about random bullshit all night
>eventually decide that if we're still awake by 7 am we'll go out for coffee
>we are, and we do
>i buy a chai tea latte because im retarded
>she actually gets a coffee even and offers me one of her donuts
>continue to talk about random bullshit for about 3 hours
>eventually get bored and start walking around town
>we stop buy a convenience store and get snacks
>im thirsty from all the talking so i buy a bottle of water
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File: 1625249371290.png–(234.25KB, 480x653, middle finger.png)
No.16  [Reply]
Two new themes have been added - Dark and Gurochan. Dark was made by me, don't know where Gurochan came from.
¨ No.17
The page and catalog buttons have also been made slightly prettier. Nobody cares about this but it took me like 20 minutes to color it for each theme

File: 1624653450916.jpg–(6.24KB, 250x250, 1623622463364s.jpg)
No.12  [Reply]
higuys jts me serbian vriska
¨ No.14
Hi serbian vriska, welcome to the kaworu.gay image board.

File: 1623622463364.jpg–(20.13KB, 500x500, chiquita.jpg)
No.5  [Reply]  >>6, >>7
video games?
¨ No.6  >>7
What kind
¨ No.7
We have action, shooting, strategy, BL, etc
¨ No.13
play terrraria

File: 1624474658829.jpg–(317.87KB, 1080x1349, thirteen.jpg)
No.11  [Reply]

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